The Process



Request to become a consignor 
Once accepted you receive detail info including Consignor ID &  an shipping label to send in your consignment

items. Once your items have been received, They will go 
through our Check List process. We will select items suitable for resell.  We will contact you via email with an  up front payout amount minus our shipping Label request fee of $9.95 You will be Paid  via your selected option. Be sure to review our Consignment rulesAccepted items  areas to know the rules  & what items and clothing to send to us.

Donations and charity:  It has never been as easy to give back! Elect to send the proceeds of your consignment to one of our Listed charity organizations .We will even send you a tax receipt. For more information Click here

Sales & Payment


Your total payout  minus  our shipping fee of  $9.95 will be paid  within 7-14 business days in the method you chose. If store credit was chosen your credit is given within 24-48 hrs. If Event sale was chosen payments are made 14-17 days after the event last day of sale.

Only for Event Consignment

Your Items are tagged & coded with your seller ID. Your items are now on their way to the sales event. They are Placed on the sales floor to be sold to  families just like yours. Once the sale is over you will receive an email that will include your sold items, your percentage and your final Total. Payments are given

14 -17 days after sale via paypal or Gift Credit Card. 

What's Next For Us?

Liljellybeans Consignments
 will then prep selected items to be photograph and uploaded to our website or placed in consignment events for wonderful families like yours to purchase.