Consignment Guidelines

To Help us maintain a diverse inventory take into consideration as you go through your kid’s and Maternity closets that our shoppers will be looking for current, quality, brand-name items. We accept Maternity clothing and children clothing sizes newborn to size 14.. We reserve the right to decline to accept anything you may submit to us. We only buy first rate second hand items. We have high standards for condition and style because our customers are selective. We carefully screen items for snags, tears, broken zippers, and stains.  When preparing items to send in, ask yourself, “Would my best friend want to buy this from me?”  However if Brand Name and has a minor blemish these items will be bundled (10 items or more) and will be placed in the Bargain Bin section . If the defect is deemed unacceptable for resell the item will be donated to one of our listed charities. If you chose to have items returned to you by request there is an additional charge of $12.95 which would need to be paid prior to returning your items. Pay fee now by clicking icon.


Box (Labels) 

are sent out at the discretion of Liljellybeans Consignment. We usually fill requests within 7- 14 business days. However longer wait times may occur during peek in seasons. A processing fee of $9.95 will be subtracted from Web Consignors payout total.  All Web items sent in must include our submission form (control P to print the form).  Web Consignors will receive an upfront payout only.  Liljellybeans Consignment reserves the right to revoke sending you future shipping Labels for any reason including, but not limited to, several low payouts (items were low quality) , quality of clothing of previous items , Animal hair or smokey or strong odors.

Recycle Non Used Labels

In an effort to continue to provide great savings we recycle all unused shipping labels. If you are provided a shipping label and it is not used in 10 days to send in your items. Your label will be subject to be recycled and you would then need to request a new label. You will be notified via email if your label has been recycled. You can't use the label twice because when it is scanned in, the system will then prevent the use of another label with the same tracking number. Which ever one gets scanned in first will automatically disqualify the second one from being used.  So use your label within the 10 day window. All Prepaid shipping labels are provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS). 


Be Reminded

Be reminded that if consignors Do Not adhere to our list of acceptable items as well as continue to have a low payout we reserve the right to cancel your consignment privileges with Liljellybeans.com. This consignor Ban is for Life so be sure to check back frequently to follow the rules.  Banned consignors will still be allowed to purchase items from our website. However banned consignors will no longer be able to send in items to sell. We take our rules seriously and so should you.

Pricing Payout Guideline

This Pricing Guide  was created for the purpose of providing a starting point for reference.  Pricing is based on condition and resale value. Ultimately our customers have to be comfortable with our asking price. We want you to make MONEY but also have to keep in mind families just like you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering sending in your items. Keep in mind the brand/label of the piece and condition determines your upfront payout or resale value. 



√  Consignors golden rule: Don’t send what you wouldn’t buy!

√  Think about what  you would actually pay for the item(s)?

√  Consider selling items in event sales to maximize your payout.

√  We priced our clothing much lower  than retail starting at 50% less.

Donations and charity:  It has never been as easy to give back! Elect to send the proceeds of your consignment to one of our Listed charity organizations and we'll take care of the rest. We will even send you a tax receipt. We donate unaccepted and unsold items to organizations that help children in need. For more information Click here

Store Credit: If you chose to receive store credit payment you will be sent an coupon code that will deduct your payout amount from your total purchase. This does not include shipping price. If you have credits left over a new code will be issued until your store credit reaches 0.

Cash out : This is our consignors payment. This is an up front payout for your items you sent to us that we accept for resell. Your  payout will be processed and sent via paypal within  7 - 14 business days via paypal or 24hrs for store credit. 


Event Consignors: All event consignors payments are processed within 3-4 weeks after event.  If Paypal payment was chosen for event consignment Payments be sure to use the correct paypal email and make sure your a verified user.  If credit gift card is chosen a charge of $6.95 will be deducted from your payout for card services. For More Details visit our faqs page.