The Process

  • 1. Register :Get your Seller ID 
    choose the best consignment option that will be best for you and your family.

  • 2. Request: Prepaid Shipping Label

    After your issued a seller ID consignors are to request a prepaid shipping label .Liljellybeans  will generate a USPS pre-paid mailing label for you to adhere to your filled box or envelope. These Labels are sent via email or postal mail per consignors chosen method. When packing, please take into account some shipping limitations:
    Boxes/Envelopes cannot weigh more than 30 pounds.
    Boxes should not exceed 27 inches in length, 17 inches in width, or 17 inches in height.
    *Our sellers are limited to 2 requests every 30 days

  • 3. Send: Review, Include Form and Package
    Review our Consignment Guidelines and Items accepted sections and include submission form (use control p to print form) and place in your box with your items. Drop off any United States Postal Service Location near You. 

    I've sent in my items Now what?

  • Once you’ve mailed your Box/Envelope, it can take up to 3 weeks to be delivered to Liljellybeans. Once your bag is received, it will go thru Our Valuation criteria: BRAND, CONDITION, and OVERALL IMMEDIATE NEED FOR THE ITEMS. The more expensive the brand the higher your consignor upfront payout.  You will get an email notification letting you know your estimated processing time. Once the process is complete an upfront offer is given for your to review. If our offer is ACCEPTED we send your payout per selected payment options of Store Credit, PaypalCash App, and Venmo .(As we grow we hope to offer more payment options)  Please Review the Sales and Payment areas of this page to get full details of consigning and payments.  

    4. Items Go Live on Our Website
    We will then prep selected items to be photograph and uploaded to our website for wonderful families like yours to purchase. Any items that were not selected will be donated to one of our participating charities or at your request returned.


Web Consignor

is a consignor who sends items they would like considered for selection and receives an upfront offer and then up front payout payment to purchase them for resell  by us (Liljellybeans). 

Is Web consigning right for you?

Pros: Offers upfront payments quickly for items you offer. Many consignment stores wait until your item sales and consignors may wait weeks even months for payment.

Cons: Stores will be very picky about brand, condition and resell values which leads to lower upfront payouts. But hey its unwanted stuff right?

BONUS: You get to declutter your closets and make quick cash to use for everyday life expenses . Stores like Liljellybeans get to help families save, recycle and help the community. This sounds good to you? Than Join our Community and become a Web Consigner.


Event Consignor

is a consignor who sends items they would like considered for selection and these items would be sold at Kid Consignment Events on their behalf without all the work and share in Profits at an percentage which leads to much bigger payouts.


Is Event consigning right for you?

Pros: This option offers huge opportunity for consignors to participate in heavily advertised and promoted kids seasonal sale events offered in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware areas and Consignors receive a much larger payout. Best Thing with out all the work. Events are a lot of work ask around, many will say so..

Cons: You take a higher risk. If your items don't sell, you make no profit. Also there is a much  longer wait time to receive your money. 

BONUS: Consignment events attract hundreds of shoppers, but not just any shopper, it's a shopper who's specifically  interested in buying your items. You can ask more for your items and get them sold quickly. Best way clear the clutter & cash in! This sounds good to you? Than Join our Community and become a Event Consigner. 


Web Consign Sales & Payment

SALES: Liljellybeans will first determine your items value and forward our payout offer via email. Option to Accept or Deny will determined next steps. Although there is NO up front fee to register to consign with us.  There is a processing fee of $9.95.


Payment: The Accept  processing charge of $9.95will be deducted from payout offer. The difference will be payed directly via consignors selected payment option. 

Deny: If our payout offer was denied  the consignor will determined next steps . They can opt NO Charge and must donate all items received to Liljellybeans or opt to pay a fee of $12.95 and have all items returned to the address provided. A No hassle no wait consignment solution. Its that easy! 

 Payout: All accepted web consignor payout offers will be processed and sent within 7-14 business days via selected payment option of  PaypalCash App, or Venmo 

Need to send payment to have Items returned. You may visit Services or For your convenience.

Click pay button


Event Consign Sales & Payment

SALES: Liljellybeans will register and pay any associated fees to participate in these seasonal sale events.  We will do all the hard work. We will gather, price and prep event consignors items using sales event online system and guidelines. We will use expert pricing strategies to maximize sales and to get our consignors the absolute best payout results. If your items were sold will determine what happens next. 


Payment: Event consignors Do Not receive an upfront payment. Payouts are solely based on if your items sell at the participated sale event. Should your items sell, a participation fee of 20% of total sales will be deducted and the difference will be sent out to you as payout.


Lastly all unsold items Can Not be returned. All unsold items will be donated to that events local charity partner. 


Payouts: are sent within 17-22 business days via selected payment option of  PaypalCash App, or Venmo



Donations & Charity

It has never been as easy to give back! Elect to send the proceeds of your consignment to one of our listed Charity Organizations. We will even send you a tax receipt showing your monetary and clothing donations.  All items that Liljellybeans deem unacceptable for resell will be automatically donated to one of our listed charities or returned per consignor request.


Consigning Helps Reduce Waste

Children's clothing is a significant contributor to global clothing waste because children will outgrow things much quicker than teens and adults. Second-hand shopping and selling is a great way to reduce landfills and gives everyone a opportunity in helping save the planet. It’s important we recycle whenever we can. From clean air and water, to conservation and climate change, protecting or planet starts with you. Be part of the solution with us!

Consigning & You

Sales & Payments

Charity & Team Work

Satisfaction Guarantee

Liljellybeans is happy to provide affordable, designer and the like kids clothing and maternity wear to families across the globe.  We will continue to offer families just like yours an opportunity to earn and take part in recycle efforts.  

Whether  clothing  is New or gently used , Lijellybeans will strive to keep its shoppers stylish, and Happy!.